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Through this site you should be able to connect to all the information you need about the Liberal Democrats and their activities here in Surrey Heath.

Al Pinkerton with SHBC LD Councillors

The photo above features (in the centre, with the Rosette!) Alasdair Pinkerton, our Parliamentary Spokesperson, together with the current group of Liberal Democrat Councillors representing the residents of Surrey Heath on the Borough Council.

For more detail of that representation see our SHBC Lib Dems Page.

Local Elections - May 6th 2021

The Government has now decided, despite the Covid 19 Pandemic, to go ahead with the Local Elections scheduled for May of this year. These were already postponed by twelve months from May last year because of the lockdown necessitated by the Pandemic.

We are now supporting 9 candidates in Divisions of the Surrey County Council Elections. Details of those Campaigns and introductions to the Lib Dem Candidates can be found on our Campaigns Page. You will also find there the rules for the conduct of the election campaigns and the polling itself which the Government have now been forced to approve to ensure that all political parties and opinions can be fairly represented so that the electorate can make informed choices, while at the same time being protected from the dangers of transmission of the Covid infection from public gatherings and interactions.

Please also consider donating to our campaigns via our donations page by clicking here.

You can also join us in Surrey Heath either as a Member or a Supporter - follow this link. One of the most effective ways of helping is to join the Surrey Heath Liberal Democrat 100 Club which, as well as providing a financial contribution to the Local Party, this also gives you a chance of winning a cash prize every month.

  • Header for Nirmal's Campaign Page
    Page: Feb 15, 2021

    Introducing Nirmal

    • Nirmal has lived in the local area for 24 years.
    • Nirmal's children all went to local schools.
    • Nirmal works as a school and college inspector.
    • Nirmal is a neighbourhood watch co-ordinator in Parkside
    • Nirmal's close family work in the NHS. His daughter worked at Frimley Park Hospital for several years.
    • Nirmal was a school governor at a local junior school and at Guildford College.
    • Nirmal was Chair of the local branch of the UCU (University and College Union).
    • Nirmal gas been a lecturer in Chemistry at local colleges for over 24 years.
    • Nirmal has coached a local U-12 cricket team locally.
  • Page: Feb 9, 2021

    Our Campaigns

    Local Elections - May 20121

    Surrey county council

    We are directly supporting Candidates in 7 Divisions for the Surrey County Council Elections. The Divisions and Candidates are listed below - click on the candidates name to go to our Campaign page:

  • Document: Dec 23, 2020
  • Article: Aug 10, 2020

    The Liberal Democrats have condemned the Conservative Government's plans to reform the planning system, arguing that proposed changes will do nothing to alleviate the housing crisis in Guildford and Cranleigh.

    The Liberal Democrats believe the Conservatives' proposals will not help those who are stuck on waiting lists and express concern that zoning plans risk "leaving whole areas behind".

  • Article: Jul 17, 2020
    By Fiona White - Guildford Borough Council Cllr for Westborough & Surrey County Councillor for Guildford West

    I have been in favour of reorganising local government for a long time. The two-tier system worked well in the past but I believe that it is no longer fit for purpose especially now that the internet makes communication so much easier.

    But, and it's a big but, I have to ask why the government has suddenly seen the light just as the country is trying to recover from the Covid19 pandemic. Local councils at both levels have been in the front line of providing services to our residents. County and borough councils have worked well together. They have coordinated with voluntary and faith groups. Many officers have had to work in areas of services they are not used to. Senior staff have taken on unfamiliar responsibilities. We need to recognise how much we have relied on them, officers and political leaders, to get us through this.

  • Spelthorne Conservatives borrowed too much (Spelthorne Lib Dems)
    Article: Jul 13, 2020

    Spelthorne Council borrowed 100 times its income

    Have a view on this? Let us know

    In a report published today (13th July) the House of Commons Public Account Committee (PAC) has roundly condemned Spelthorne as the worst example of a small number of councils who have borrowed excessively to invest in the property market.
  • Article: Jul 13, 2020
    By Cllr Ann-Marie Barker

    Local Councils that provide all services make sense, but not a super state

    Speaking following the announcement that the County Council wants to become the sole authority for all of Surrey Cllr Ann-Marie Barker said:

    "Not since HG Wells penned his tale of Martian invasion have Surrey towns been under such threat from a single body seeking to create a super state."

  • Document: Jun 28, 2020