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Surrey Heath desperately needs a fresh start. I have an ambitious vision for what Surrey Heath can become - a community in which every child and young person is nurtured, where everyone can become the person they are meant to be.

Everyone deserves a fulfilling life. We can make better choices. We can choose a government that is dedicated to building communities that can flourish and the society we all deserve.

Our politics is in a state of flux. You can make the difference. You can vote for hope, not fear. You can vote for a future in which you and your family can thrive. You can vote for a government which will work to save our planet for future generations.

Never has more been at stake. I want the community and country we deserve and I am ready to deliver it.

Surrey Heath deserves an MP who lives in the constituency and understands local concerns.

Vote for a Fresh Start. Vote Liberal Democrat.

Alasdair Pinkerton signature



  1. I will fight to reverse the closures of our local Sure Start Centres. Under the Tories, the Sure Start Centres in Mytchett, Bagshot, Pine Ridge, Chobham, Bisley and West End have all been closed. The Lib Dems are committed to injecting £1billion into securing the best facilities for the youngest in our communities and tripling the per pupil premium. Our children in Surrey Heath deserve the best start.
  2. Everyone deserves to become the person they are meant to be. I fully support the £10,000 Skills Wallet pledge from the Liberal Democrats to allow for learning and retraining over a lifetime.
  3. Free Childcare for children aged 2-4 for all and free childcare for children 9-24 months if both parents are in full time work.
  4. Free School Meals to all primary school pupils and any secondary pupils with parents on Universal Credit.
  5. £500million ringfenced youth services fund to local authorities.
  6. Re-open our local libraries to full capacity and introduce a mobile library service to our villages.


  1. Our local flood defences, especially in Chobham, Ash and Tongham must be improved. The Lib Dems have pledged £5million towards national flood defence improvement.
  2. Ensure our local recycling centres at Swift Lane and Camberley are re-opened. Fly tipping is blighting our beautiful countryside. We must make it as easy as possible for people to dispose of household waste.
  3. Surrey Heath to be a part of the 6 million trees a year pledge.
  4. Extend food waste collection to 90% of Surrey Heath homes by 2024
  5. Ban non-recyclable single use plastics, to be eliminated completely within 3 years.
  6. 80% of UK energy to be generated from renewables from 2030
  7. Permanent fracking ban
  8. £5billion capital for Green Investment Bank to encourage private investment.


  1. We will raise income tax by a penny in the pound to give Frimley Park the investment it so desperately needs and improve our local social care provisions.
  2. Mental health to be treated with the same urgency as physical health with funds ringfenced to provide for it.
  3. Free prescriptions for chronic mental health conditions.
  4. Mental health liaison teams in every hospital with 24 hour cover, ending the use of police cells for people in mental health crisis.


  1. Re-open our local train stations. Season ticket holders travelling from Ash Vale to Waterloo, for example, will save £1733 a year.
  2. Improve our local infrastructure. Our local roads are in dire need of proper maintenance
  3. Congestion in our villages must be tackled.
  4. I will vigorously fight a 3rd runway at Heathrow which will increase flights over Windlesham.


  1. The constituency is in desperate need of affordable housing but sites must be appropriate. We have too many large developments being allowed or proposed in the constituency, some of which have no access to public transport. We can protect our green belt AND ensure people have affordable housing.
  2. All houses to have full connectivity to ultra fast broadband by 2022.


  1. Keep the triple lock on the state pension.
  2. Women forced to retire who have been unable to access their pension will be properly compensated in line with recommendations made by the parliamentary ombudsman.


  1. Thirty four new police officers for Surrey Heath or two new police officers for every ward in the constituency. The Lib Dems have pledged £1billion to restore community policing.
  2. Create an Online Crime Agency to tackle personal fraud, revenge porn and threats and incitement to violence on social media
  3. Adopt a public health approach to the epidemic of youth violence
  4. Restore our local fire services and ensure that capacity at Chobham Fire Station is returned to pre cut levels.


  1. Remove VAT on all sanitary products and provide them for free in schools, hospitals, colleges and universities
  2. Increase statutory paternity leave to six weeks.
  3. £500 million to restore Legal Aid so that justice is available to all.
  4. Introduce a right to a No-Fault divorce
  5. Extend legal rights to co-habiting couples.


  1. We will fight for the public to have a Final Say on any deal negotiated by the Govt.
  2. We will fight any attempts to No Deal in Dec 2020 and, if we leave the EU, fight to remain in the Single Market.
  3. If Brexit is stopped, we will have a Remain Bonus of £50billion. All of this money will be invested in public services.


  1. We will cut the wait for Universal Credit from 5 weeks to 5 days.
  2. Reverse the Tory cuts to Employment and Support Allowance.
  3. Overhaul Bereavement Allowance.
  4. Raise earnings threshold before people lose their Carer's Allowance from £123 to £150 a week. Carers are the backbone of our society. We need to support them.
  5. Free services for all young carers.