Our Campaigns

Local Elections - May 2021

Surrey county council

We are directly supporting Candidates in 7 Divisions for the Surrey County Council Elections. The Divisions and Candidates are listed below - click on the candidate's name to go to our Campaign page:

We also are supporting candidates for 2 Divisions in neighbouring constituencies:

  • Goldsworth East and Horsell Village - Lance Spencer - This campaign is being run from the Woking Local Party.
  • Shalford - Phil Buckley - This campaign is being run from the Guildford Local Party but does include areas which fall in our Parliamentary constituenc

This is a summary of our manifesto for this election:

SCC Election May 2021 Graphic 2

The full manifesto is presented on powerpoint downloadable from HERE

surrey heath borough council

There is a vacancy in the Bagshot Ward for which Richard Wilson is standing as our candidate.

Rules for Conducting Campaigns During The Covid Pandemic

The Government recently revised the rules for campaigning during the various stages of Lockdown due to the Covid Pandemic. These revised guidelines can be found by following this link:


In addition the Electoral Commission has published further guidance for candidates on how they should conduct themselves during the special circumstances of this election due to the Coronavirus Public Health threat. To download this document follow this link:

Electoral Commission Guidance