Alasdair Pinkerton

Alasdair Pinkerton

Alasdair Pinkerton is the Liberal Democrat PPC for Surrey Heath, where he has lived for seven years with his wife and two boys. Alasdair grew up in Edinburgh before studying at the University of St Andrews (MA) and then Royal Holloway University of London (MA and PhD).

Alasdair is currently an Associate Professor of Geopolitics at Royal Holloway University of London, where he teaches and researches on issues of sovereignty and diplomacy, with a specialist interest in British Overseas Territories. He is frequently invited to provide expert advice and testimony to parliamentary committees, government departments and the UK and international media. Alasdair volunteers as a school governor, for charities and scholarship funds, and was an official observer of the Falkland Islands referendum in 2013.

Being local to Surrey Heath, Alasdair knows and experiences the same problems faced by us all - whether the pressures on our local schools, access to GP or other health services, poorly maintained roads, and the threats to our green spaces. He is committed to preserving our Sure Start Centres, reversing cuts to our local fire service, and ensuring the provision of affordable, energy-efficient homes. He supports rapid action to tackle the Climate Emergency and is committed to preventing the looming disaster of a no-deal Brexit.

Alasdair's Adoption Speech

As a resident of Surrey Heath, I benefit from the amazing people and places that make up our borough - but I can also see the inequities, inequalities, and challenges faced by our local services and the most vulnerable people in our society. The Lib Dems are uniquely placed to change Britain for the better, and I am delighted to have been selected as the candidate to help realise this vision here in Surrey Heath.

I will fight Michael Gove and the complacent local Conservatives with everything I've got at this next election. As a local candidate with genuine expertise in some of the biggest challenges facing the United Kingdom in the early 21st century, I believe that we can win that election. With our amazing local supporters, a fantastic social media campaign, and with me as your candidate, I truly believe that the Surrey Heath Lib Dems will be a formidable force now that the election has been called for December 12th.

But I also commit myself to being the candidate who will help build the local party in the longer term - someone who will listen to and work with our communities across the borough, building a dynamic Lib Dem presence in every part of Surrey Heath. As your parliamentary candidate, I will fill the void of local representation left by our current absentee MP. I will host the local surgeries that he fails to provide. Together, we will beat Michael Gove by being better than Michael Gove. Thank you for placing your faith in me.]

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