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Representation on the Council

In May 2019 we won 10 seats on the Surrey Heath Borough Council. As a result the Lib Dems became the secnd largest Party and reduced the Tory majority on the council to a single seat. Subsequent events have meant that the Tories have now lost their majority and, although they still lead the executive, some of the key committee chairmanships which hold that executive to account are now held by Liberal Democrats.

Our Represeantation on the Council now consists of the following Councillors listed in alphabetical order. Each list enry consists of Name, Ward represented, Contact Details, and Roles. Links to further information will provided shortly :

Cliff Betton

Frimley Green Ward

Email - : Mobile - 07785 528787


Audit and Standards - Chair

Employment - Vice-Chair

Planning Applications

Performance and Finance Scrutiny

Liberal Democrat Council Group - Chair

Tim fitzgerald

Bagshot Ward

Email - : Mobile - 07421 086535


External Partnerships

Ben Leach

Frimley Green Ward

Email -



Press Releases

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